Introduction: Cardboard Chair - Leppard

Its  is a quite simple project ,  took  me about 03 hours except for the  cover. 

Step 1: What You Need. Measuring, Cutting , Glueing and Taping .


hot glue or a strong glue 
some tape
stamped /plain fabric or  plastic ( in my case a leppard stamped plastic )
foam ( optional  ) if you want it more comfortable

hot glue gum 
scissor and/or utility knife

There are quite a few pictures in the next steps , and they are  self-explanatory.

1)  Measure and cut the cardboard  at your size choice. 

2)  After make an  "X"  put it inside a cylinder folded cardboard . Apply hot glue and tape. 
3)  The last picture shows the final result,  i filled  the gaps  with more cardboard  to make it stronger .

Step 2: Cover With More Cardboard and Tape

Step 3: Put Foam and Fabric , Glue Everything !

Step 4: Folding and Glueing the Edges

Step 5: Done, Sit and Enjoy !