Introduction: Cardboard City

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I am in the process of making a cardboard town/city and thought that I could share it with the community. This is my first ever Instructable, so bear with me. I will not go through the making of every building step by step, as you can observe from the photos and I am already putting in a lot of work to this instructable


Scissors and/or box cutter, tape, cardboard, paper, construction paper, hot glue gun. (some can be substituted for others)

Step 1: Gas Station

First of all, I made this before I knew I was creating an instructable, so this step and a couple of others will not have any templates.

But you can see by the images shown that it is basically a bundle of cubes and rectangular prisms.

... I have the feeling that I am not writing enough but whatever.

Step 2: Custom Building

In your city, everyone will need at least one building that is special in some way or just stands out. for me, it is a pig with a cheese crown (pig enterprises) the crown is currently a WIP.

Step 3: Billboards

Advertise whatever nonsense you want to the poor people of the town that have to look at it all the time because they cannot move! HAHAHHAHAHAHHA. I normal person

Step 4: School

If the kids of the city don't get an education, then they'll be ut to no good! This is in the templates, the left, and right of the school are in the template (They are the same thing) cut them out and attach them to a shoebox. I think I added the bell in the template but may have forgotten it. Either way, that shouldn't be that hard to create. cut out as many windows and or doors that you wish.

Step 5: Ice Cream Stand

What... No ice cream? Whuuu? This must be solved! This design is in the templates but is pretty simple.

Step 6: City Police

Every single city depends on their local police and prevents those cities from falling into chaos. Your cardboard city is no different. Make sure you name it after your city (Mine is "City Cheese Police").

Step 7: Store Fronts

To save cardboard and time, you can make stores-but only the fronts. a pretty simple design. you can create hundred of different places with this method,, easily.

Step 8: Town/city Hall

ORDER! the city needs laws and justice, right? yea, just remember to add pizza. this is a more complex/takes longer to create design, and you can find it all in the template

Step 9: Clock Tower

DING DONG... A town without a clock tower is a town with no time. not that this clock works, though... NO ONE WILL EVER SLEEP!

Step 10: Park

everyone needs a place where they can go for a walk or just calm down, right? add a touch of creativity to your park, and make it better than mine

Step 11: Statue

This is not n the templates, but it is of utmost glory, crafted with only the finest cardboard from the trash can but that is not important I will stop talking now. This is a very simple design, made out of cubes...

Step 12: Traffic Lights

Stop signs aren't enough! wait I haven't done stop signs yet? Slow down. Save a life.

Step 13: Parking Garage

Not much to say here isn't there. I have a newfound appreciation for Youtubers.

Step 14: Drawbridge

This is a more complicated one. first, you need to cut out all of the pieces. some you will have to make more than one of, and it says it on the ones that need it, mostly.

Step 15: Drawbridge-Bridge and Hinge

cutout the appropriate parts of the template. hot glue the slender hinge to the bridge so that an even amount of cardboard is sticking out of both sides of the bridge section. I have already assembled mine so I had to add labels. The hinge expands off of the bridge into two hollow cylinders so that it can move. repeat this.

Step 16: Drawbridge- Hinge 2

there is a part labeled hinge 2 on the template. cut it out and rub the cardboard on the edge of a table so that the cardboard bends. Then, bend it into a cylinder and make it so that the first hinge can go inside the one you are creating right now and spin 360 degrees. see the images for reference. then cut out the hinge 2 base and tape it to hinge two. repeat this process until

Step 17: Drawbridge-support

The support will keep the drawbridge from hitting the water. cutout the appropriate amount of these and glue the bigger ones to the bigger ones and the small to the small. after that, hot glue the two together. see images for reference

Step 18: Drawbridge-bases

cut out the appropriate amount of bases for the hinge 2. Tape the base to hinge 2