Introduction: Cardboard Coin Bank

Here is a easy coin bank made of cardboard, cord and elastic tape. This is a great purpose to recycle old cardboard boxes. You can also make it in other shapes as pyramid or cylinder. If you want you can decorate the coin bank with cardboard, stickers or paintings as you like.

I made this coin bank because I wanted to make something useful with usual materials. The idea of this came when I thought what materials should I use. So simple and easy! Everyone have cardboard, rubber band and some kind of cord.

The steps to make this coin bank are easy: Draw the form on the cardboard, cut it, make the holes and assemble the box with the cord. The last thing to do is closing the "lid" with the rubber band or elastic tape.

Things you will need:
-cardboard (about 30 x 21 cm)
-1,2 m cord, for example paracord
-20 cm elastic tape or rubber band
Other equipment you see in the pictures.
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