Cardboard Crossbow

Introduction: Cardboard Crossbow

During a weekend, I had an awesome idea for a Halloween costume. It was a hunter dude that ran around stealing everyones candy. I had no idea how to make this costume, let alone finish it on time. I had ideas about hidden smoke bombs, and pen grappling hooks. When I sat down, I realized that all I had was cardboard, so I decided to make this cheap, yet powerful, cardboard crossbow.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

I hope you have all of this stuff:

- scrap cardboard

- thick rubber band, somewhat short, but not to long.

- a bit of straw

- pen or pencil, for making marks

- scissors

- a hot glue gun

- hot glue stick

Step 2: Plug in Hot Glue Gun

I didn't do this right away, so I had to wait a couple minutes.

Step 3: Drawing and Cutting

Draw a somewhat looking crossbow on the cardboard, then cut it out. Mine was a bit long, so I had to trim.

Step 4: Cutting, Part 2

Next, take some of that left over cardboard, and make it kinda short and pointy.

Step 5: Gluing

Take the pointy thing, this will be the handle, and glue it on the bottom side of the crossbow thingy.

Step 6: The Straw

Now, we cut the straw in half (mine was scrap, so you may have to make it small first).

Step 7: Glue the Straw

Take one piece of the straw, and glue it on the top side, like so. Take the other one and glue it across from the other one.

Step 8: Rubber Band

Take the rubber band and rap it around the handle, and put it so its above the straw.

Step 9: Cardboard

Glue a piece of cardboard like so, then glue another piece of cardboard on top of that cardboard, so theres a notch around the rubber band.

Step 10: Done

To launch, put something in between the straw, draw back the rubber band and let go. Yay! You did it. If you don't get something, please tell me, I well try to help you. Thank you for making this Instructable, it helps me, somehow.

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    1 year ago

    About how far does it shoot?


    6 years ago

    About how big is the completed project?


    Reply 6 years ago

    Um, about the size of a pen