Introduction: Cardboard Darts/dart Board

This was fun to make and didn't take to long and you can make different team by putting colored duck tape on some darts and leaving the rest uncovered.

Step 1: What You Will Need

It takes 2 triangles to make one dart and the triangle needs to be one inch tall and 2 inches wide on the widest point.

Step 2:

The first picture is cutting the triangle out and it's best to use a very sharp box cuter and the second picture is tracing the first triangle so you don't have to use a ruler to measure both of the triangles witch was kinda hard

Step 3:

The first picture is after I cut the triangles out and made one cut in each one on the top of one triangle one on the bottom of the other triangle the second picture is after I taped the triangles together witch was very easy

Step 4:

The first picture is what you will need for the dart it's self and the second picture is how to make the dart you will need to poke the push pin thru sticky side of a square piece of duck tape after trimming the tip of the dart fins so you can put the push pin on the tip of the fins and then tape your pin on it and have fun.

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