Introduction: Cardboard Dog Collar

     Instead of buying a collar for your cat or dog, try making this simple one from cardboard. It is important that your pets have collars on them just in case the pet gets lost or runs away. When people see a collar on a dog or cat they know that the pet belongs to a safe and caring home. If you write your phone number on the collar, people will be able to locate you to return your pet. Try making this cardboard collar to ensure your pet's safety.  
     Collect these supplies and you will be ready to make your cardboard collar.
  •      corrugated cardboard- one side of a large box should do
  •      craft knife
  •      string or yarn
  •      ruler
  •      pen
  •      dog or cat
     With these supplies you are ready to begin. 
Measuring your pet's neck size- First, you need to find out how big of collar to make. Wrap the string gently around your pet's neck to the desired tightness. Leaving a few extra inches of string, cut off the excess. 
Make the collar- Now that you have measured the size of your pet's neck, use the string as a measuring device and cut a strip of cardboard 1" thick by the length of the string. Make sure that the corrugates run the length of the collar. Next, using the ruler, mark every two inches of the collar with a pen. Cut through the top outer layer and the corrugates of the cardboard. DO NOT cut the last bottom layer of the cardboard. Crease the cuts inward. Notice how the cardboard only folds one way? This is because the corrugates and top edge of the cardboard mesh at the cut, preventing the cardboard from folding. 
     Finally, clasp the ends of the collar together with Velcro, a button, or a buckle. I cut out a clasp from the two ends of the cardboard. Wrap the collar around your pet's neck and attach the clasp. If you want to make your collar waterproof, wrap the cardboard entirely in duct tape. You can write your pet's name or your phone number on the collar so people can easily return your pet to you.
     Now you can live with the ease of knowing that your pet is safe and sound with its new cardboard collar. If another person finds your pet, they will know that the animal belongs to a caring home. 
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