Introduction: Cardboard & Duct Tape Tool Organizer

This is a easy and cheap project to organize your tools with just cardboard and duct tape, this instruction will show how, just repeat for different groups of tools as needed.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Gather your materials:

 1. Cardboard sheet or box to cut down.
 2. Duct tape - you choice of color.
 3. Vinyl tape optional - your choice of color.

Step 2: Gather Materials

Gather Materials:

 1. Sharp Knife - Please be SAFE.
 2. Ruler or Tape measure.
 3. Straight edge.
 4. Square.

Step 3: Measure Area(s) Avaliable and Required

 1. Measure available area (area of drawer (Length x Width x Height)).
 2. Layout tools organizing (add 1/8 inch or cardboard thickness to socket end for clearance - to remove & place tool).

 Note: If more than one tool group per drawer, layout options to fit all as needed. alway allow for small addition if possiable
           (build for change).

Step 4: Cut Cardboard Tray and Dividers

 1. Draw pattern on cardbord sheet.
 2. Being very carfully (Safety First) cut out cardboard and dividers.
 3. Score cardboard on bend line. ( indent to bend).
 4. Prebend Tray.

 (Note: when scoring cardboard - I use edge of nickle and press and drag along line) - knife not recommended.

Step 5: Assemble Tray

1. Add duct tape to tray sidewalls insure tape is over top of sidewalls.
2. Tape corners together, inside and out

(Note: insure top edge of sidewalls are covered. Push tape into corners with scrap peice of cardboard)

Step 6: Add Dividers

1. Set a socket from each group for locating dividers.
2. Tape divider together once your happy with fit.

(Note: straight divider would be fine also, went with bent divider for strength, Don't forget to add 1/8 cardboard spacer for clearance to place and remove sockets from position) 

Step 7: Tape and Number

1. Finish adding duct tape to tray dividers
2. Place vinyl on bottom sidewall top edge
3. Place vinyl on center divider top edge
4. Lay sockets into place and number sets for easy location identification
5. Building for change - make spacer blocks (sized based on open space after placing sockets)

Step 8: Finish Project

1. Please sockets into position.
2. Place spacer blocks into position.

Job completed!
Tray completed!

Hope this helps and you enjoyed

Thanks for looking

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