Introduction: Cardboard Electric Dice Without Micro-controller

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Hello Everyone,

Here we are making an electric dice using a cardboard box and we are not using the micro-controller or 555 IC. every time we play games which include the dice is super fun but it always been a case where small dices get lost or get missing after few games and then we stop playing the game.
This instructable will show you how to make a cardboard electric dice is super easy to make with the fun and even if any difficulties you get then please post a question in the comments! even the photos are posted along with the steps which will make this more easy and fun. This instructable needs bit soldering so be careful if you are amateur with soldering work.

Step 1: Drawing Your Design (visualization or Modeling of Project)

Here, the first step is to model the project, I used TINKERCAD online cad software, this is software is used for 3d printing design but I use it sometimes for making small project modeling and all.

modeling helps to visualize the idea in 3d space which makes it easy while combining all the elements of the project,
here we have shown the box with motor and circular disk of cardboard mounting with it with a small space for the switch and also battery placing inside the model.
visit this link for a tinkercad model of this electric cardboard dice.

Step 2: Materials and Tools

  • small cardboard box
  • super glue
  • soldering station
  • wire stripper
  • single strand wires
  • a small motor high-speed DC motor
  • battery 9v or supply or battery holder
  • battery cap
  • compass
  • pencil
  • scale
  • marker pen
  • small Mechanical Switches
  • blade cutter and seasor

Step 3: Measurements and Drawing Circle

I have taken a box with 8x10x6 cm box,
so according to the size of the box, I have taken the circle radius as 3cm and place it on one side center or top plane and then draw the circle on top.

Step 4: Cutting Circle and Edges

After completing the drawing the circle open the box and cut the extra sides with seasor and put it aside for further use.

Use the blade cutter to cut the circle and then again fold back the box with the cutting circle on top.

*safety is first while using blade cutter and seasor

Step 5: Dividing Circle Into 6 Parts

It's simple and easy,

if you want to divide the circle into 6 parts then take a radius size in compass and start placing the 6 side

draw the common line with the center and use a marker to number the 6 sides of dice randomly.

Step 6: Soldering and Making Support With Cardboard

It's super easy with the soldering the motor and connect the switch in between with the battery or supply,

and use those extra sides left to make support as shown in the 3d diagram and as shown in the images

*safety while using soldering station

Step 7: Attaching the Number Disk to Motor and Placing in the Box

use super glue to attach the cardboard number disk to the motor and place it inside the box with super glue

*safety while using the super glue

Step 8: Placing the Switch and Put Battery Inside the Box

its a final touch for the project where attach the arrow pointing to the number disk,

and attach the switch according to the 3d design shown and then place the battery inside from bottom side of box and close the box and its time to play.

thank you and enjoy.

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