Introduction: Cardboard Flip-Flops

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Here are some easy to make cardboard flip-flops that can be worn around the house, or on the go! These are so easy to make that you probably have the materials at home!


a pair of flip flops (or a pair of shoes that fit nicely)


string (thick is recommended)

pencil or pen

hole puncher


permanent markers (optional)

Step 1: Trace Your Flip-Flop

Trace your flip-flop onto the cardboard and do the same for the other side. Make sure you can see the lines you drew!

Step 2: Cut Out Your Shapes

Using your scissors, cut out your flip-flop shapes.

Step 3: Decorate (optional)

If you wish to, decorate your flip-flops using permanent markers.

Step 4: Hole Punch

Hole punch your cardboard shapes in a triangle, but where the top one is is where your toe will be so leave room!

Step 5: Tie

Using your string, tie the string together using the holes you punched in. Make sure the strings are tight enough to keep the shoe of your foot, but loose enough so you can get them on.

Step 6: Finished!

Your flip-flops are now finished! Have fun with them. If you want to reinforce them, add plastic to the bottom.

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