Introduction: Cardboard Furniture

Here we have created 'Couch" and 'Side Table" with corrugated cardboard. You can use it for home and office purposes. this is a durable and cost-effective product that can be made by anyone.


1- Siccors
2- Fevicol
3- Corrugated Cardboard
4- Wrapping Paper
5- Scale/ Ruler
6- Pen
7- Cutter

Step 1: Cardboard Couch

This is the main body of the couch that has been made by us that can be used by anyone to make a custom Couch and a side table for yourself and decorate your house or office with it. This is a simple, economical, effective and good quality product that can be used in the future by people to save money and make an effective production in a few days.

Step 2: Construction of Couch

The steps to make this couch are:

1) You need to look out for the space and height you desire.

2) you need to cut the cardboard according to the measurements.

3) I have used 15" inch height for the seat and 32" inch height for the back.

4) You need to cut the Squares of Corrugated cardboard and cut it equally in 4 dissection.

5) Cut more sheets of Corrugated cardboard and roll it into cylinders.

6) Insert the cylinders between the dissections made in the cardboard.

7) Make sure the less gap between the dissections the stronger your Couch will be.

Step 3: Formation of Couch

After the insertion of Cylinders inside the dissections Cover them with the sheet of cardboard.

Cover the body with the sheet of cardboard and paste it from all the sides so that it doesn't break out.

Similarly, add the backrest for the couch and cover it fully with the sheet of cardboard and stick it with the help of fevicol.

Once you have made the complete Couch cover the couch with the wrapping paper to give it a nice look.

Similarly, you can make the side table with the help of the same method. But, make sure the height of the side table should be smaller than the height of the couch.

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