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Introduction: Cardboard Geometric Shape Puzzle

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Cardboard Geometric shape puzzle is three way learning toy. It is so much fun and brilliant activity.

It helps your little one

1. To learn basic geometric shapes " Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle "

2. To learn colors.

3. To develop perceptual skills.

I made this toy for my 2 year old daughter. She is really enjoying this new toy..

Step 1: Things Required

Things you will need:

Cardboard box ( I used Pampers cardboard box)

Sand Paper



Ruler and Pen

Paints - minimum 4 colors.

Paint brush


Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Step 2: Make Toy Base

When you choose cardboard box, look for single wall corrugated boards, or double wall corrugated boards. Those will look nice from front view.

I used pampers cardboard box. It is single wall corrugated board.

First, cut the flaps of cardboard box. I felt the flaps alone is enough for making this toy.

I got 2 small flaps, 2 long flaps.

Then I measured the long flap with small one and cut the long flap to make it simillar shape.

Since it is single wall corrugated board sheets, I decided to use 3 flaps for base of the toy. ( If you have double wall corrugated board, two will be good)

Place the shiny sides inside and Stick the flaps using hot glue.

Step 3: Make Some Shapes

You will need 3 no of cardboard pieces in all shapes.

1. Take another long flap, draw basic shapes. Use small jar lid for drawing perfect circle and ruler for drawing square, rectangle and triangle.

2. Cut along the traced lines using scissor.

3. Now trace the each shape in flap again and make another 2 pieces in each shape.

Step 4: Make Stick Holders

You will need 4 stick holder

1. Measure the chopstick 1.25 inch apart and cut it using kinfe.

2. Sand out well the rough and sharp edges.

3. Place the stick on centre of shape and trace with pen.

4. Cut along the traced line using knife.

Repeat the process for rest of all the shapes.

Step 5: Paint and Fix Holders

Paint the base and shapes with white color.

Take a piece of cardboard in all shapes ( circle, square, rectangle, triangle) and hot glue the chop stick individually in middle of the hole.

Step 6: Glue Shape Holders Over Toy Base

Paint the shapes with different colors and stick the shape holder in the base cardboard.

Step 7: Make Puzzle Shapes

Stick two same pieces of shapes with hot glue and paint it.

Likewise, stick the rest of pieces and paint them all

Let them all dry for 6 hours or overnight.

Thats all! Toy base and puzzle is ready now..

Step 8: Fun Learning Activity

Point out the shapes/colors and let your little one to figure it out.

First, help/teach them to match the puzzles and at the end of the day, they will solve it by themself :)

You can develop the puzzle by adding more shapes and colors....

Happy Learning!!

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