Introduction: Cardboard Helicopter Model

This is how to make a helicopter model out of cardboard.


    • Cardboard
    • Carton board- It's a thin fold-able cardboard
    • Tape
    • Scissors
    • A small container lid
    • Paint- optional
    • Paint brush- optional
    • ruler

    Step 1: Creating the Base Frame

    First, get a piece of carton board that is in the shape of a rectangle. If you don't have any carton board you can use paper, but it won't work as well. The size of the carton board or paper doesn't matter, but the size of the piece of carton board would determine the size of the helicopter. If the carton board is small, the helicopter would be small. The length of my carton board was about 18 centimetres, and the width was about 8 centimetres. Next, form the carton board in the shape of an oval. Tape around it so the cardboard remains in an oval shape. Don't be afraid to wrap a lot of tape around it (better safe than sorry!)

    Step 2: Making the Form of the Helicopter

    Retrieve a piece of cardboard in the shape of a rectangle. Make sure it's bigger than the carton board piece- If the length of the base is 10 centimetres, the piece of cardboard's length should be about 25 centimetres. My base frame's length was about 18 centimetres and the width was about 8 centimetres. In the other hand, my main frame's length was about 33 centimetres, and the width was about 8 centimetres. Optional: this would be the outside of the helicopter, so if you would like to paint the cardboard it's better to do it right now before you tape the cardboard on the base. Cut a thin line at the end of the cardboard to make the tail rotor. Don't cut the line too long, because the main frame (the centre) needs to be about the same size of the base. Remember you're not cutting the tail rotor out, you're just cutting a small portion of the cardboard in to a thin rectangle. ( My tail rotor was about 13 centimetres).

    Step 3: Adding the Windshield

    To make the windshield of the helicopter (the cockpit) tape the small lid at the front of the helicopter. Then, take the whole frame, the cardboard the lid is taped on, and tape it on the base frame.

    Step 4: the Helicopter's Blades

    For the helicopters blades, you would need to cut out two thin rectangles. The width should be 1-2 centimetres, and the length depends on how big your helicopter is (the length of my blades were about 25 centimetres). Tape the blade pieces together in an " X " position. Then, Tape the blades on the top of the helicopter.

    Step 5: Supporters for the Helicopter to Balance + Adding on to the Tail Router- Optional

    Cut out to pieces of cardboard. They should be the same width and length. If the the length of the side of your helicopter is 7 centimetres and the width is 5 centimetres, those should be the measurements for the pieces of cardboard that would support your helicopter. The length of my supporters were about 18 centimetres and the width was about 10 centimetres. You can paint windows, doors, or anything else if you want on the supporters. Tape the supporters on the side of your helicopter. The cardboard should be helping you helicopter stand. My supporters were touching the ground in order to help the helicopter balance. You can also make two smaller blades at the end of the tail router. Start by cutting two smaller pieces of cardboard. The length and width could be around 2 centimetres. Tape it together in a from of an "X" like we did for the blades. Then tape it on the end of the tail router.

    I hope you enjoy making this helicopter model!

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