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Introduction: Cardboard Laptop Desk

The original idea was to make something useful for the Instructables Cardboard Contest. We designed a foldable desk what can be used as a laptop stand or you can eat your breakfast on it for example.

Step 1: Plans

The pictures are outstretched versions of the components, the first picture is the top of the table, the other one is for the legs. The dashed lines are for folding.

Before we begin, all details meant in milimeters.

Size of the tabletop:
Useful: 300x450 mm
Overall: 580x730 mm

Size of the legs:
Height: 200 mm
Overall: 300x162 mm (we used bigger sizes, so we can cut it in horizontal later)

Step 2: Materials and Tools

- 2mm thick cardboard, two sheet of 700x1500 mm
- 1mm thick white cardboard (for the top only) 300x450 mm

- pencil and rubber
- ruler (metal version is better for the cutting and helps with the folding)
- scalpel
- TESA tape
- wood glue
- dremel tool (it is not neccesary, but much easier with it)

Step 3: Marking

First, you have to draw the plans on the cardboard, don't forget that you will have four legs ;)

You can make your own design for the top of the table from the white paper, we made a leaf (admit it, it's very cool)

Step 4: Cutting

You'll need a scalpel/scissor, and you can use fine sandpaper for the edges if the cuts are not perfect.

We think the easiest way is to use a scalpel with a metal ruler. If the cuts aren't perfect, don't worry about it, because there's only a few places where the edges are visible.

Step 5: Folding

With rulers you can make your job way easier, just follow the pictures.

On the last pictures you can see the pins, you can roll them easily from cardboard and use TESA tape to hold it together. The size is approximately 5mm diameter.

Step 6: Gluing It Together

You should use wood glue instead of superglue, because it doesn't leave marks and doesn't soak trough the paper.

Note that, you have to wait about 5 mins drying time and during that, you have to push it together (we used books and the metal ruler for that).

Step 7: Preparation for the Legs

You have to make room for the foldable legs with the scalpel.
After that, you have to make the holes for the pins with the dremel tool or you can use the scalpel/scissors too.

You can use the nib of the rotring to mark the centre of the hole, both on the table and the leg at the same time (or any other pointy tool nearby).

Step 8: Final Preps and Assembly

Legs: You have to cut the cardboard around the hole, so it can rotate easily and cut the ends horizontally so it can stand still, and fit in the prepared space.

After that you can put it all together! :)

Step 9: You Are Done! :)

Cardboard Contest 2017

Second Prize in the
Cardboard Contest 2017

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    10 months ago

    Totally making this. Not buying a $50 Walmart special! I think an added bonus would be to get some $99 store wallpaper or just buy colored Construction paper and make it artsy... I might do that. Thanks for the instructable!


    5 years ago

    What angle did uou cyr the legs? Im busy trying to make a version if this right now any help would be appreciated ?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Oh goodness that's what happens when you type while doing other things ... a apologies let's try this again. Could you please explain how you cut the legs and what angle is how far in from the end did you make the hole for the pin.. and it looks like you cut a v shape or an upside down v shape above the pin.. how fsr above tje pin? Csn you please explain more..Also is the base of the legs angled so ir rests flat on the bed ?


    5 years ago

    I think it will be strong enough to support weight of a laptop. I like it.


    Reply 5 years ago

    It works fine :) Thanks!


    5 years ago

    That's a neat way to make one :)