Introduction: Cardboard Lounge Chair

As an environmentalist, I thought it would be much more sustainable and cheaper to use cardboard instead of wood for our furniture. So I designed a cardboard lounge chair using cardboard and duck tape.

Materials & tools you will need: (sooooo simple)

- cardboard

- duck tape

- scissors/knife

- meter stick

- vinyl & vinyl cutter (*optional*)

Step 1: Model

I used Tinkercad to model my design at first. But you could skip this step.

(p.s.: Yep! My initial design differs drastically from my final product, but that's the whole point -- adjusting and improving the initial plan according to the actual need!)

Step 2: Get Cardboard

Get approximately 20-30 large sheets of cardboard of thickness greater than 2mm (D Flute).

The number of sheets varies with the thickness and size of your cardboard.

Step 3: Make Triangles

Tape several sheets of cardboard together and start to fold them into right triangles. They could either be individual triangles or interconnected triangles of two or more.

For my cardboards' thickness, I have 3-5 layers for each triangle.

Step 4: Assemble

Put the triangles together, with duck tape if necessary.

You could also fold and add mini right triangles to the larger ones to enhance its strength.

Step 5: Get Creative!

Now you can decorate your lounge chair however you want. You could paint over it, carve it, or whatever really!

I chose to tape the chair all over for the following 3 reasons:

1. Reinforcement (Ummm it's duck tape)

2. Get it colorful (I cannot live without vibrant colors)

3. Waterproof (Again, it's duck tape)

Actually, the letters were printed by a vinyl cutter... Totally optional.

Step 6: Lie Down and Rest...

After this entire laborious work, it's time to rest on your chair!

The large triangles actually are great storage space, so definitely utilize this lounge to the greatest extent!

...And make sure it's sturdy enough!