Introduction: Cardboard Model Star Fighter

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for a while I wanted to make a cardboard tie fighter although you wont see this exact model in star wars, it has the basic tie fighter shape to it. so get out a cardboard box and get cutting.


  1. scissors
  2. hot glue
  3. exacto knife
  4. cardboard
  5. ruler
  6. pencil

Step 1: Solar Array Wings

(sorry! the camera made the wing design drawing appear upside-down)||: but, as I drew, there is two types of wings to put on the star fighter. cut out one of the two shapes in cardboard, then roughen the bottom surface of the wing. then take thin one faced corrugated cardboard and make a smaller shape to the first shape and glue onto the two big wings as shown.

Step 2: Body

next make a small roll of cardboard. And glue five short strips of cardboard coming out of the roll as shown in image, and also make a small circle of cardboard and glue the ends of the strips to the circle to form the viewport.

Step 3: Small Detail Parts

not much to write about here. but cut small strips and rectangles and glue them to the body we will need a lot of them so don't throw away the rest.

Step 4: Attaching the Wings to Body

then for the wing attachment pylon cut out a rectangle of cardboard and glue it to the body then glue the wings onto the rectangles at a slight angle. now its starting to look more like a star fighter.

(you may notice that in some images the top surface of the wing is corrugated and some it is not that is because I swapped out the flat one for corrugated ones later on. just wanted to clarify!)

Step 5: Engine

now that things are somewhat together we are left with a hole at the back of the star fighter to fix that make a circle and glue it one inch inside the tube. it may not go in the first few times but with a little bit of time it is quite easy. then make a smaller roll of cardboard and glue it on the circle inside of the tube, to form an engine pipe.

Step 6: Then Cut a Lot of Detail Parts

then cut out many small shapes as shown in the first image. then glue the rectangles to the bottom of the wings which will add detail the model.

Step 7: A Stand

then you can make a simple stand by cutting out the shapes shown. glue the wider end of the strip to the cardboard rectangle. and glue the smaller end to the bottom of the star fighter. as shown.

Step 8: DONE!

now you are done with your tie fighter. now this is my version but you can use the idea to make your own space ship and, maybe yours will turn out even better. one optional thing that you could do is to mix 1 spoon full of wood glue with 1 spoon full of water and "paint" the glue and water solution over the whole completed model which will give the model a bronze like glaze once it drys.

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