Introduction: Cardboard Monitor Stand

In this simple project we look at how to make a stand for your desktop monitor.

A monitor stand can help make workspace more ergonomic. In every office you will find those boxes in which printing paper is stored. In this project we will make a simple stand for your monitor out of the lid of one box.

For this project, you will need:

  • The lid of a cardboard box of printing paper
  • A knife/scissors
  • A pen/pencil/marker...
  • A ruler

Step 1: The Lid

We can make twe monitor stands out of one lid.

To begin, we fold the lid open, breaking the glue that's holding it together.

To minimize the amount of waste we use the folding lines and dimensions of the lid. Most brands will use the same sizes.

Cut along the fold lines and discard the flaps. This will leave you with two long strips, two short ones and one panel.

You can cut the panel in 3 strips of the same width. These will be the exact same size as the long strips we already have.

To make one stand, we will need two of the long strips, and two short strips.

Step 2: Long Strips

Cut the long strips as shown in the pictures.

The dotted line in the middle is a cut that goes only halfway through. This will allow you to make a neat fold.

On each sides of the dotted line (1cm away) cut out a piece of cardbouard of about 3mm to the middle.

Do the same on the far edges.

Do this for both the strips, but change the side on which the cuts close to the edges are.

Step 3: Short Strips

For the short strips, cut out a piece like we did in the previous step. Again, 1cm from the sides

Step 4: Construction

For the final construction, slide the long strips into each other as shown in the photo.

To make the entire thing stronger, we ad the short strips to the side.

So that was it! The cross makes it exceptionally strong in the center, so go ahead and slide it under your monitor!