Introduction: Cardboard Motercycle Replica

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So... ever since I moved to a new house I have not written any instructables yet. because it takes some time.

Now I wanted to make something I'm good at so that's why I chose to make a motorcycle. In the past I made some more modern looking motorcycles. so to try something new I made a older looking motorcycle. Now I had some trouble making the chassis and I would not recommend this build for a beginner. But I tried to take as many "in the making photos" as I could.


  • scissors
  • 2mm cardboard
  • Brown kraft 1mm cardboard
  • Exacto knife with NO.2 blade
  • cutting matt
  • barbeque skewer
  • gorilla glue
  • lots of time and repetitive work!

Step 1: The Frame

The first thing to do is to make a whole bunch of rolls about 6 inches long out of a brown kraft paper. I rolled mine with a barbeque skewer, try to make them sturdy but not to thick. be sure to glue the edges well

Step 2: The Hard Part. Putting It Together

Not much to say on this part. But the first thing to do is lay out all the pieces flat, then put it together. And follow the real image CLOSELY!!!. but I had a lot of problems following the image. To get the result I got. Oh! And then you make the front forks which is pretty easy. just follow the image.

Step 3: More Chassis Work

Then I made handlebars and added a brake lever. Then I made a long role from a brown paper bag, and put it in the middle of the frame to make its profile flater.

Step 4: Gas Tank

Cut out a rectangle then make two indentations near the middle and then add a gas cap and two squares on either side which are completely optional. Then glue it to the frame

Step 5: Seat

Bend a rectangle of cardboard and glue it just behind the gas tank. Then make a double pointed ellipse and make small cuts on the edge to shape it even more and put a band over the front as shown.Next glue it to the back of the seat.

Step 6: The Engine

Time for the engine. Cut out an oval and put a band of cardboard around it then make a smaller oval to fit inside the one already made. Next cutout about seven small squares and stack them on one another, glue stack to the base . once yours looks somewhat like the one in the first image. next you can add some details like some rollers on the side or some small rectangles to add some added interest

Step 7: Adding the Engine and Making the Springs

Next I installed the engine in the chassis which is really easy just make sure that it is centered. next I made two spring shocks. Two make a spring shock take a roll of brown kraft paper and wrap a thin piece of kraft paper two form the spring glue it to the the frame as shown above

Step 8: Exhaust Pipe

To really distinguish our creation as a motorcycle we must add an exhaust pipe. To do this roll a tapered piece brown kraft paper and, bend it to fit behind the engine and glue the pipe to the chassis to keep it in place.

Step 9: Tires, Hub, Spokes, and Rim

To make a tire join many strips of half-inch wide cardboard, and wrap it into a thin donut shape. Next to make a hub with spokes make a small disc from 2mm cardboard and glue strips of cardboard radiating from the disc outwards then put another disc in the middle. Then sandwich the spokes between the two discs. and cut the spokes to fit inside the tire.

you can add more spokes if you want and that would be even more ditailed and better than mine. But I dident because I also thought it would look fine as it is. (I don't like doing repetitive work!)

Step 10: Nearly Done Now

Then to finish the project I added a round piece of cardboard and I kept on adding smaller discs and I added it to the side of the engine.

Step 11: Now Revel in Your Work!

AHHH!! now that was a lot of work but it paid off well now we have a beautiful but retro-looking art piece to put on our shelf, brighten up our work desk, or for a motorcycle fan.

some quick recaps:

one thing I could have done better is to make the spokes thinner and I could have added a windshield and try to make the tires seem rounder all these things are things that you might now how to do better than me.

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