Introduction: Cardboard Mouse

This was a mini project I did on a weekend because I needed a new mouse. I had a old mouse lying around, so I took the main components of the mouse and made a new one out of cardboard. This mouse is based of an ergonomic mouse, the Logitech MX Master.

Step 1: Find an Old Mouse

This will be the mouse you will be taking the main components out of. This can be any laser mouse, that can be taken apart. A wireless mouse can work also.

Step 2: Disassemble the Mouse

In the mouse you will find a board with a USB cable attached to it. This is the main part you will need. The scroll wheel may come off, that is okay. If you are using a mouse that is really old, there may be a lot of dust and the scroll wheel may be sticky. You can clean the scroll wheel with a disinfecting wipe.

Step 3: Gather Cardboard

You will need some cardboard for this project, try to get thick cardboard.

Step 4: Make a Design

You will need to make a design for your mouse or copy an existing design. For my design I used the Logitech MX Master, I like the shape of this mouse and it is also ergonomic. Next you want to take the old casing of your mouse, and use it for a template for the size of the cardboard cut out.

Step 5: Mark and Cut the Cardboard

You will need to make a hole for the laser. You will also need to cut another piece for the sensor. The piece for the sensor is very important. You can use double sided tape or glue for this step.

Step 6: Attach the Board and Scroll Wheel

In this step you want to align the board with the sensor piece and glue or tape the board. My mouse had a slot where the sensor piece went so this step was easy. I had a problem with the scroll wheel so I taped it to the cardboard.

Step 7: The Upper Part of the Mouse

You can use the bottom design for the upper part also. This will be a cover for the mouse buttons and the scroll wheel.

Step 8: Final Product

This is the final product of the mouse. It overall came out good. I will now be using this mouse instead of my old one.

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