Introduction: Cardboard Nerf Riot Shield

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I wanted a big shield for when me and my friend have nerf wars, but I didn't want to spend over $100 for an airsoft riot shield. So I built my own. Using cardboard and other materials I had in my house. Obviously it is cardboard and isn't super strong, but it's cardboard so you can make another one once it breaks or gets ruined from moisture. Remember the more layers you add the heavier it gets.

Step 1: Collect Your Supplies

The first thing you need to do is collect the supplies necessary for this build:


-Duct Tape

-Cardboard (A few sheets/boxes)

-Hot Glue

-Yardsticks/Painters Sticks

-A Buckle or Retention Piece

Tools(use under parental supervision if needed):

-Exacto Blade/Box Opener

-Hot Glue Gun

-Nerf Blasters3

Step 2: Putting the Layers Together.

After determining how many layers you will be using lay your first one down. Get your hot glue and put it everywhere while applying pressure over the whole surface to keep them together. Keep doing this until you get halfway through your shield layers.

Step 3: Middle

Once done assembling half of your shield you are in what will become the center. This is where you will need painters sticks or yard sticks. The sticks will give your shield the rigidity it needs to not bend.

Step 4: Repeat Step 2

Repeat step 2 until you are done with the base of your shield and have finished your layers.

Step 5: Arm Brackets

For my shield I uses two anchor points. One in my hand the other on my forearm. The grip in my hand is made of a pvc pipe section and zipties. To get the strap connected take a box cutter or scissors and make slits to put the zip ties to the other side and back. Make similar slits for the forearm brace. For my second anchor I used my dogs old collar so it can unbuckle for easy use and size adjustment.

Step 6: Tape

Now your shield is mostly done. The next thing to do is add tape, lots of tape. The tape will add color, but also keep the glue from peeling between layers. I used camo and green tape with some orange.

Step 7: Have a Nerf War

My friend made one of these too and man is it hard to hit someone behind one. The whole point is to use it to have fun!

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