Introduction: Cardboard Nike Craft Sneakers

About: Artist and teacher

One of my favorite artists, Tom Sachs, collaborated with Nike in 2012 to produce his own line of shoe based on his ethos and sensibility.

I can’t seem to find any in my size so I thought I’d use some Tom Sachs simpathetic magic and make my own. Most of my measurements may be off because I was making these for my big clown feet.

All I did was use some clamps, cardboard, and white glue.

Step 1: Trace Your Sole

First trace out your foot on the cardboard. Then cut a one inch outside your line. Next snip the outer line to the traced foot to create tiny flaps.

Score around your traced foot so you can bend these flaps up. This will allow you to attach your upper part of the shoe.

Step 2: Attach the Heel

Now cut out the heel in an arch or semi circle. The flutes in your cardboard should run up and down to make it easier later. This is because the leather part of the Sachs shoe has a round leather heel.

Then you need to bend the cardboard to the shape of the heel. This is why I said have the flutes run up and down because you need to try to match the tight curve of the heel.

Now put glue on the straight bottom of your heel and use the clamps to hold the heel in place.

Step 3: Attach the Toe

Now attach the toe piece to the tabs on the sole. Glue and clamp those pieces.

While they are drying you can add another piece to cover the top of the toe. Cut a semi circle with the flutes running vertically and then start to round the piece. Glue and clamp that piece to the toe piece and let them dry.

Step 4: Add the Upper

Take a rectagle piece of cardboard and curve it to cover over the top of the shoe. Curve the piece and glue it to the toe, heel, and tabs attached to the sole. Make sure to clamp this down because it may want to slide off or pop out.

Step 5: Add Another Piece to the Heal.

Cut a strip of cardboard with the flutes going up and start to curve it. I had to glue and clamp each of the sides one at a time.

Step 6: Add the Details.

I'm making a Nike so I added some swooshes, labels for the tongue, and the laces. I cut a groove from out of half of the lace pieces to allow them to lay flat.

Step 7: Add Another Piece to the Toe

Add another piece to the toe if you need too. I had to add this piece to mimic my original inspiration.

Step 8: That's It!

Amazingly these bad boys actually fit my feet. I only wished that I had a chance to finish this before the cardboard contest.