Introduction: Cardboard Office Storage Boxes

Recycle old cardboard boxes into office storage boxes. You can paint, cover in fabric, or some other decoration to make them blend into the rest of your office and not stand out as obvious upcycled boxes. The magazine flies are from another upcycle using cardboard, I traced a magazine flie I already

Materials Needed:
Template paper (I used regular office paper)
Clamps (I used binder clips, they work just as well)
Ruler/Straight edge

Step 1:

As my first instructable, I haven't figured out how to correctly create a template you could print out, but I managed to create my own template using regular paper.
For my boxes I chose to make one smaller box like the ones that can cost upwards of $30 per box and then one slightly taller. My dimensions for my box are: 8.75"W x 11.5"L x 2.5"H. For the template, I outlined the base of the box b/c these will be score lines later on. Then I extended the side panels by 2.5" on all four sides. On the two smaller sides, I added tabs that will be glued and attached to the longer sides later on. The tabs need score lines along their edge so they will fold more easily.

Then trace around the template with a pencil and transfer the score lines. Using a box cutter,cut around the outline. Either using the box cutter or a scorer (if you have one) lightly score the cardboard so the pieces will fold.

Using scissors, trim any rough edges.

Step 2: Putting It Together

Once the box has been cut out and edges trimmed, fold the sides along the score lines and glue the tabs to the longer sides. Use either clamps to aid in adhesion. Binder clips work well too. Allow it to dry before removing binder clips. Dry time will depend on humidity, type of glue, and the type of card board you used. The unwaxed kind works the best, but is pretty plain.

Step 3: Creating a Lid

Adding a lid to the box makes this really resemble the higher priced boxes. I basically traced the bottom of the box on my office paper to make the bottom of the template. I added 1/8" on either side of this outline for the score lines.

The sides where 1.5" in length and again I used the tabs to adhere the sides together. The steps are the same as the box. Trace on to the cardboard. Cut out, trim edges, and glue.

Step 4: Finishing the Boxes

Here are my plans to finish the boxes:

Cover with Fabric
Cover with Decorative Paper
Spray Paint with textured spray paint

I will add some images later after I completely finish my boxes.

This was my first instructable, if I wasn't clear on anything, please let me know.