Introduction: Cardboard Picture Frame

I made these frames out of cardboard to display my pictures, rather than buying frames.

You can make them any size you want and there's potential to decorate and embellish the frames as well, though I've always kept mine simple.

Step 1: Tracing the Outline

Trace the outline of the frame on the inside of the cardboard box. I used an empty cereal box.

My picture was 14cm x14cm, so I drew a square of 14.2cm x 14.2cm, to give a little room.

I used a ruler to get the measurements as accurate as possible, and a protractor to make sure the sides are at right angles.

After drawing the frame, I traced the outline for the frame's borders. I made them each 1cm thick. Use a sharp pencil to get the lines as precise as possible. I prefer not to use a pen as the lines show more when I cut out the template.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Frame's Template

Cut out the template, keeping as close to the lines as possible.

One of the frame's borders is left attached to the main body, so that it can be folded over.

Step 3: Attaching the Borders to Make the Frame.

The border that was left attached is folded over. This will be the bottom of the frame. I prefer to use masking tape, as you can draw, paint and colour on top of it.

For the side borders, I make sure to tuck the ends beneath the bottom borders; it makes inserting the picture easier as it'll just slide underneath.

The top border is only attached at the ends as you'll put the picture through here.

After taping the borders to the frame, I lay masking tape over them, as I find it looks less messy.

Step 4: Finished.

Insert your picture through and show off your masterpiece!!