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Introduction: Cardboard Props: How to Make a 1950's Type Press Camera

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My last instructable of the 2012 Gang show year... I would like to make yet another apology for supplying an instructable where the finished artical appears to be unfinished... I had some major technical difficulties with my camera which led to it dieing prior to me painting this camera, but hopefully i managed to take enough pictures for you to see what i created and how i created it.

I am trying to track down an image of the camera being used in the show, but until then the cardboard unpainted version will have to do

I guess if you like it, and if you make one show me



Step 1: Ingredients

What you'll need:
  • Cardboard
  • Cardboard tube (Like that from the inside of cling film or Tin foil)
  • Ruler
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Knife/ Scissors
  • Glue gun

Optional extra if you can find it or source it:
  • Round plastic lens, I used one from a pair of play geeky glasses, but you could cut one out from a plastic tub or similar.

Step 2: Boxing!

First you need to make a slim rectangular box... I cheated and re-sized two boxes i had left over from Christmas snacks, i won't insult you by telling you how to make a box...

Step 3: FOCUS!

On the pictures of the cameras i saw, the lense section of the camera protruded out of a small square section, since props don't always need to be 100% accurate, i affixed a small square box to the rectangular box from the previous section ( i have no pictures of this sorry) Picture two gives you some idea as to how the shape was created. I just glued it to the center of the box with my hot melt glue gun

Step 4: I Can't Think of a Snappy Title for This Step...

To create the shutter section of the camera I cut out two circles of cardboard, using my lens (if you haven't got one i will explain how to make your own in the next step) I drew a smaller circle in the middle of one of the cardboard circles, i then cut it out.
We do not glue the lens in at this point else you may get paint on it when it comes to the finishing of your project

Simply glue your two circles together, and glue to the square box on the front of your camera as in picture 4

Step 5: Lens

If unlike me you do not have a small plastic disk that you can use for a lens you have two options, you can just leave it out as it's not REALLY going to be missed or you can make your own, to do so see below

All i did was drew around a circular shape onto a flat plastic surface like that of a plastic tub, and cut out the shape using a sharp knife (or pair of scissors depending on your preference)

Step 6: Flash Pole?

Not sure what to call this bit... i have settled on the Flash pole... as it is a small metal pole that holds the flash bulb thingies... anyway, this bit is really easy, you simply glue your tube to the side of your camera... I neatened up the ends a little by adding small cardboard end caps to the open ends, i simply drew around the tube onto a piece of cardboard, cut out, slotted into the end of the tube and glued into place... 

Step 7: Little Details

Okay so i'm all about the details,

This was simply a small cube of card I stuck in place, nothing fancy really

This one was a little trickier I cut two angled rectangles, also a rectangle that was the same length as the angled part of the other rectangles, and a rectangular roof section, i glued them together, I REALLY can't explain this... see the picture 

All i did here was peeled the cardboard to show the wavy mid section, i then cut a small strip and stuck to the back of the camera.

When painted i also made sure to draw on an opening at the back where the film would be stored, and small round circular silver things to look like studs or rivets where needed

Step 8: Flash Bulb ...thingie...

Still don't know what to actually call this bit, but it would be where the flash bub would sit.

I started by cutting out a large circle

I then cut into the circle leaving a space in the middle... I then rounded the circle into a 3d shape by gluing the sections back together...

See images

Step 9: Paint and Finish

Oak so this is where my ible comes to an untimely end, my camera blew up so i have no pictures of my finished article, only of the 3d cardboard shape i created...

Best thing to do is paint your camera, glue in your lens when the paint is dry and call it done..

Sorry chaps

See you soon


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10 years ago on Introduction

i was wondering is it possable to make something like this work as a camera


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

you could probably make a pin hole camera out of it... all it is is a cardboard case that you cold use as a housing for any camera inserts... i would recommend painting the inside of the box black to stop light pollution... and i would make sure the edges were sealed properly.... but i suppose so?


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

Just a Scout Gang show