Introduction: Cardboard Riot Shield for Airsoft

In this instructable (my first) ill be showing you the cheapest, easiest, and probably best variation of a home made shield, it can be any shape or size and will cost around five pounds.

Step 1: What You'll Need:


Step 2: Choosing a Shape

The shape of your shield is completely up to you, i first made this shield to accompany a pistol (idea came from captain America) however the shield can be square, circular, curved, however you like. Choose depending on play style, for example, a full body rectangular shield for cover, or a circular shield for extra cover whilst moving and to easily be used with a gun.

Step 3: Making the Base

Cut two identicle shapes of cardboard out and make sure they match in size, you can vary the size of the cardboard to make a curved effect, but this is optional. Two pieces are needed to thicken the shield and give it some weight, and not to stop penetration of bbs. Using tape you can then stick both pieces of cardboard together. The end result should be solid as it will take a beating.

Step 4:

Step 5: Finishing the Shield

There are two ways to finish the shield:
Either wrap the whole shield in tape with two or three layers to make it sturdy (this can be awkward as the tape doesnt stick well) however after a few layers the tape sticks fine.
Or you can encase the shield with more cardboard and wrap another layer of tape around it.
I went with option one and the shield turned out fine.

Adding a handle can be done in any way you like. I did mine by using cardboard to make a long handle and wrapped it with tape, i then cut two holes in the back of the shield to go through one layer of cardboard, i shoved the handle in tight and taped it some more till sturdy.