Introduction: Cardboard Robot for Little Kids

I made 12 robot "kits" for my daughters bday party.  

To make one, you will need:
2 boxes (one smaller than the other), tinfoil sheets, spray adhesive, xacto knife, duct tape (silver and red), laundry ducting, chip clip, whisk, round piece of cardboard (or plastic lid), rubberbands, 1 tupperware box with lid, 4 soda cans, velcro tabs, sticky foam sheets in many colors

Here are the steps:

Head and Body:
- duct tape 2 boxes together, a small head box and a larger body box
- cut holes 3 sided hole in the middle of the body for belly door
- cut holes on each side of the body for arms to thread through. get an accurate circumference from your duct material.
- spray glue tinfoil sheets over the body.  NOTE: Tinfoil sheets are cheap (25 ft for a $1 at the dollar store) and shiny.  Spray paint does not work.  The cardboard absorbs it.  Tinfoil from a roll is better than paint but it crinkles up more than the sheets.
- measure out a piece of laundry ducting long enough to thread through body box leaving a nicely sized arm on either side
- whisk hands - cap the end of the arm with a round piece of cardboard or - better yet, a plastic lid - with a hole in the middle. Insert the whisk in to the cap with the whisk end facing out. Secure the handle with tape on the inside of the cap/lid. then insert the cap and whisk piece into the arm and duct tape securely.
- chip clip hands - flatten the ducting. "Sew" the clip into the sleeve with a rubberband: poke a hole through the sleeve and thread a rubber band through the sleeve and the through the clip.  once attached, tape it up!
- Secure a tupperware with lid upsidedown on top of the head with sticky back velcro tabs.  Make sure that it's removable and that the lid can also be removed from the tupperware base.
- Each foot is made of two soda cans, so 4 cans per robot.  taped with red duct tape.
- attach with velcro tabs
belly button:
- pull a rubber band through a hole in the belly door and tie it to make a pull tab.
- use sticky foam to make dials, lightening bolts, buttons, faces, whatever.

Put the arms, feet, braincase and stickers into the belly of the robot and then give to each kid.  They have to open up the robot, take out the parts and assemble and decorate.  Then they can take the tupperware braincase and fill it with yucky brain stuff that you;ve made. I made pasta and dyed it different colors.