Introduction: Cardboard Rocket

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After you build the rubber band rocket launcher you need a rocket.

One of the safest and cheapest to make is a cardboard rocket. Here are the easy steps to make one, let's do it!

Step 1: Prepare the Body

First we make the body of the rocket:

  1. Get a cardboard empty roll from a toilet paper roll for example.
  2. Cut it straight at the length.
  3. Roll it to have it a centimeter in diameter.
  4. Stick it at all the length to have the little roll as the rocket body.
  5. Measure two small pieces of ice cream sticks to be the front and rear holder of the rocket as shown in the picture.
  6. At the front the stick is flat.
  7. At the back the stick is triangular, with lower shape at the back and higher at the front so it stops at the trigger. See attached final picture.

Step 2: Make the Front Nose

To make the rocket more aerodynamic and safer preare a cone nose:

  1. Cut a flat triangle as in the picture.
  2. glue it by the shorter sides, then you have a cone.
  3. Cut the rounded base until it's flat to fit at the front of the rocket.
  4. Glue the cone to the front of the rocket.

Step 3: Make the Fins

Finally we need to make the fins for the rocket, as they allow a straight flight:

  1. Make three triangles as in the picture, they shouldn't be very big otherwise they will hit the launcher structure. They will be the fins for the rocket.
  2. Glue one of the triangles at the opposite place of the rear stopper of the rocket.
  3. Then place the rocket at its standing point of the launcher, so you see which parts of the rocket are free from the launcher structure all the way until the rocket is launched.
  4. Mark two opposite lines at each side of the rocket as shown in the pictures.
  5. Glue the other two fins to the rocket.

Now the rocket is finish. Load the rocket into the launcher and enjoy!

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