Introduction: Cardboard Sand Castle

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What I inspired me?

Well, unlike the other Instructables I have posted in the last few weeks, this one is special as I completed it for my parents whom work with advertising.

I was asked to complete a range of Mini golf course attractions for an upcoming beach themed event. This meant I needed 3 or more cardboard or wooden products. I thought about the beach theme and one idea Instantly popped in to my head. A sand castle. So, in the instructable I will be telling you how to make your own Sand castle attraction for a mini gold course.

What will you need?

- Sand

- PVA glue

- News paper

- Cardboard or corrugated boxes

- Box knife

- Scissors

- Hot glue gun

- Hot glue sticks

Step 1: Making the Castle

Step One - Making the castle

Okay, so let's begin. Making the castle really only takes a couple steps. This is due to already having a set box to manipulate and adapt. This made it a lot easier. At the base of your box, cut an elongated circle about 70mm in diameter and 110mm in height.

Remember to cut the exact same hole out from the opposite side. To make sure it's the same size, I placed the hole just cut onto the back and used as a template. This ensures it was the same size.

Step 2: The Brick Work

Step two - The Brick work

I honestly have no idea what this part is called, but when I say brick work, I refer to the brick like structure built on the top.

To build this part, first, grab a strip of cardboard that is about 3 inches in height, and a couple dozen centimetres in width. I complete this step using three, equally sized strips as I didn't have one long simple strip.

Begin by drawing number of rectangles continuously in a line that are 1.5 inch in height and 2 inch in width. Once you have completed this pattern with the entire strip, you can now outline the pattern you need. Once done, use some scissors to cut it out

Use some hot glue to attach the brick work to the top of the castle (the box). Remember to leave about half the strip showing.

Also, you will need to cut a strip that is the perimeter of the bottom of the box, and 2 inches high. This will act as the brick work placed at the bottom. Once you have this, begin to use hot glue to secure it to the bottom of the box. Make sure you go all the way around the box.

Step 3: Paper Mache

Step three - Paper Mache

Paper Mache is a mixture of newspaper and PVA glue. It really is a simple process for anyone who had never heard of it (you are missing out). Begin by pouring some PVA into a container. Use scissors to cut the newspaper I to strips that are around about 1inch by 2-3 inches. This will be small enough to work with, but if you feel better with a different size, go with that.

Complete this all the way around the box, making sure you have hidden the entire surface.

Step 4: The Hot Glue

Step four - The hot glue

Begin this process by drawing on to the front surface with a pencil. You need to sketch on some basic cracks, rocks, anything in detail. When this is done, use the hot glue to outline these. Remember that hot glue is very dangerous so if you haven't any experience, ask a family member or friend to help.

Step 5: The Sand

Step five - The sand

Adding the sand is surprisingly difficult as you need to cover the entire surface in a thick layer of PVA glue before sprinkling sand over the top. Once this is done, you will need to remove any sand that hasn't stuck. Do this by shaking it over a bucket.

Step 6: Finished!


Once you completed the fifth step, you have done! I really do hope you have enjoyed reading this instructable. I loved all stages but the sand one. The sand got everywhere so before completing this, make sure you have something on top of, or underneath your work station.

Thank you so much for reading, feel free to comment and please follow and favourite for more summer DIY projects like this one.

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