Introduction: Cardboard Skateboard

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Check out how to make a skateboard deck out of Cardboard

Step 1: Materials and Tools


1 - 4oz bottle of Gorilla Glue
Lots of Cardboard - Look for large unbent pieces
Plexiglas - Home depot or Lowes
Skateboard trucks, wheels and hardwear
1 - 4oz bottle of Gorilla Glue

Jig Saw
Wood Clamps

Step 2: Stack and Glue

Make 7 identical rectangle cuts which should be slightly larger then the deck you want to create.

IMPORTANT: for strength you want the cardboard to be stacked in a cross hatched pattern so lay the first layer with the grain going vertical and the second layer going horizontal. See image below if confused.

One layer at a time dampen the cardboard slightly (improves Gorilla Glue Adhesion) then apply a even layer on the glue, and then set next layer of cardboard on top, repeat process for all seven layers.

You will then need to put some sort of weight on the top layer to smash it all together. I use some big car batteries, but just about anything will work. ie: cinder block, heavy text books, bricks, dead bodies....

now wait about 24 hours for the glue to set completely

Step 3: Cut Out Shape

This shape is up to you, but I recommend a big fat board. Its made out of cardboard people, surface area is your friend here. Find something with a nice curves and trace around to make a nose of the board, then use something straight to make the side rails. I traced a wheel I had laying around for the curve nose, used a ruler for the side rails then the wheel again for the tail.

This can be a rough template because we will do some fine tuning later, once we add the Plexiglas.

Step 4: Cut Plexiglass/Shape/Glue

Lay your cardboard cutout ontop a piece of plexiglas and trace. Do once for the top and once for the bottom.

Now make a Plexiglas/cardboard/Plexiglas sandwich....ummmm

Drill for holes for bolts that will help hold the board together during the gluing process. one in the nose, one on each side rail, and one on the tail.

Now clean,dampen, and glue top layer, and then repeat on bottom. Don't worry you have more than 15 mins of work time before the glue starts to setup. Once you have both top and bottom plexiglas glued put the bolts in and tighten.

Then use some as many wood clamps as you can muster up. Then a little weight is possible.

Take a 24 break...You earned it!

Step 5: Add Hardwear

First take off any excess glue from the edges of the board...Gorilla Glue expands during drying.

Now place the trucks onto the board and try to place as close to a center line as possialbe. Then Use something Straight to align wheels...This helps to make sure everything is going the right way.

Use a marker to mark where the 4 bolt holes to mount the trucks will be placed. Then use a drill with a 1/4 bit to make the holes through the board.

Tighten bolts and take your cardboard cruzier for a ride!

Leave me some feedback or question if you please....

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