Cardboard Smartphone Holder

Introduction: Cardboard Smartphone Holder

This is a project for HOWEST. The task: 'Cardboard + Technologie = Product'. I chose to make a Smartphone holder for the car based on my own phone (htc desire 320).

To make the smartphone holder you will need:

- Cardboard

- Cutter knife

- Suction pad

- Patience and a steady hand

Step 1: The Form

Start by drawing the shape on the cardboard, or print the image (make sure it's the right size if printed).

Make sure it is as precise as possible, deviation from the shape will lead to bad assembly!

Step 2: Cutting

Cut out the outer shape (don't forget to cut out the piece at the bottom for the USB-connection).

Step 3: Half Cutting

Next cut the 2 bleu lines (see image).

And then cut the red lines half way trough.

The red line at the top is cut on the other side of the rest.

This is very important and requires patience and a steady hand. Make the cuts as straight as possible

Step 4: Folding

If the cardboard is cut the right way, the folding is easy.

The 'T-shapes' fit in the 'T-shaped' holes.

Look at the pictures above when in doubt.

Step 5: Suction Pad

Poke a hole with a pencil in the middle of the top part and then push the suction pad through.

If you want, you can use hot-gleu on the corners and weak points to make it more durable.

And then your holder is finished.

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