Introduction: Cardboard Snowboard

Whether you're a professional snowboarder or you have never ever done it before. You have probably never rode a cardboard snowboard! Well now is the perfect time to do that !! Of course you can use it as decoration as well. It's a fun project to make!!

Step 1: Get Your Cardboard

Time to go and get that cardboard that has been laying around for a while.This is a perfect time to use it!!!

Step 2: Trace the Board

I had a snowboard laying around witch I could use as a stencil but if you don't have one there are plenty of free templates to find on the internet or you can use your imagination (-:.

Trace the board/ template on a large piece of cardboard. If you don't have enough cardboard you can tape two or more pieces together.

Step 3: Cut the Board Out

Now cut it out using scissors or a knife .

You wil need to cut it out twice for the board, unless you use thicker cardboard.

You also need to cut out a slightly smaller version to give it some hight.

Step 4: Glue the Board Together

First glue the two big parts together, make sure they line up.

Then you can glue the smaller part to the big board. Try to get it in the middle.

I used wood glue and it worked fine, you can use any glue you have laying around.

Once you glued everything together, you can add books to make a tight seal.

I highly recommend Harry Potter books for this job, since they are known to be great at this job (-:.

Step 5: Time for the Bindings

Now we need to make the bindings (where you feet wil be in)

Trace out 2 pieces of cardboard about the size of your feet.

now cut out 2 half cirkels and make cuts into one side.

Use tape to give them a curve (see image) and add them to your base .

Step 6: Add Straps

Cut out 2 strips of cardboard.

Ad the first one by taping it at the bottom. I used my foot as a guidance for how big it should be. Next cut out a rectangle and round the edges apply this to the strap.

For the other strap you do exactly the same, this one is bigger. Now cut you biggest strap in half, you can use paper tape to close and open it later. You could use scratch as well.

Repeat this for the other binding and add them to the board, I used duck tape but I recommend glue since mine came loose.

Step 7: Done!!

There you are: your own cardboard snowboard!!!

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