Introduction: Cardboard Speaker From Scrap!

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This instructable is a small guide on how to create a sturdy and strong portable speaker recycled out of old cardboard.

When we hear the word cardboard we generally think of a cardboard box, and in everybody's opinion a ardboard box is not so strong,

BUT here is the super interesting part, if we fold cardboard into a certain designed shape it becomes a pretty solid enclosure!.

I am going to be using this technique to create a portable speaker for myself.


1) Very strong due to its design and shape.

2) It will last a very long time with moderate use (considering if you use a significantly thick cardboard or good quality cardboard.).

3) Easily replaceable since cardboard is available widely!

4) Good for environment as we are recycling waste!.

5) A easy project for someone who is a beginner in electronics!.


Here are some things I didn't like and would change in my next update

1) The holes for the sound to come out of speakers(I had to rush my project due to some family problems).

2) Adding Bluetooth to the amplifier!.

3) Adding a inbuilt battery for the speaker to make things even easier!.

Now that I have described what the project is all about,

Lets begin with the build.

Step 1: Designing the Enclosure!

In this step I will describe the thought process of how I ended up using this design.

I had earlier made various speaker enclosure out of cardboard's, Most of them were boxes and I had noticed how easily the box crumbled and became weak to the point that I had to remove the speakers from it.

So I thought of changing the shape of the whole speaker and this is how I came up with this design.

After several prototypes and changes I was confident about the design of the speaker!

Step 2: How to Decide the Size of the Enclosure!

In this step I am going to be telling you how to decide the size of each side of the enclosure.

As shown in the images, take the size of the speaker and then according to the speaker size make the design on the cardboard with a pencil.

If you want to save yourself time then you can use the .svg file attached in this step to modify the design according to your speaker size!

Step 3: Starting With the Electronics!

Here is the list of things that are required to finish the speaker!

The electronics part of this project is very simple to do if this is not your first project.

But if it is not don't worry, It is very easy and I have also shared a diagram of how the project will be wired!.

Step 4: Closing the Enclosure!

Now after the electronics part is done its time to close it all up!

Step 5: DONE!!

After all this hard work we are finally done!

Enjoy your build and make sure to post your ideas down below too! :)

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