Cardboard Stacked Wall Hanging



Introduction: Cardboard Stacked Wall Hanging

-I tried this heart wall hanging with my 3 yr old kid as a summer fun.
-we prepared it using cardboard . Any disposable cardboards which you have at home can be used to create this colorful heart hanging.




- Radium stickers


Step 1: Cut Cardboard in to Heart Shape:

-Take the cardboard and cut it in to heart shape. I made hearts of various sizes from increasing to decreasing order.

Step 2: Paint the Hearts:

-After preparing hearts paint them using diffrent colored paints for each heart.
-Dry them

Step 3: Stack Hearts One Above the Other:

-Allign each painted hearts one above the other from increasing to decreasing order. stack them with glue and decorate them in your own style.

-I decorated it using radium stickers by placing at the corner of the hearts. you can use your own ideas for decorating.
-Finally made small hole at the top for hanging.

Step 4:

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