Introduction: Cardboard Starfish Costume

This instructable is the result of a school project for technology class. That project was to create a stage/Halloween costume out of recycled cardboard, and all the pieces can only be attached using slotted construction, to allow for greater storage and transport.

Design Brief:

Design and construct a marine-themed costume constructed entirely from recycled cardboard and put together solely using slotted construction for use by a middle school student.

As my group's theme was marine invertebrates, I chose a starfish.

-Made out of single, double, or tri-wall cardboard
-Marine theme
-Slotted Construction

-only recycled materials
-no adhesives
-few parts/pieces

Step 1: Supplies, Tools, and Parts

(S1): Sheet of single-ply cardboard, 3' x 4', 2.
(S2): Sheet of single-ply cardboard, 2' x 2', 2.


(P2): ARM

Step 2: P1: Star Face

1. Cut the cardboard (S1) into a star shape using the utility knife (T2) and cutting mat (T1). Two of the arms must be 1' 4" to fit the size of the arm pieces (P2), but the rest can be any shape or size. Use ruler (T3) and pencil (T4) to measure the arms. 

2. Use utility knife (T2) and cutting mat (T1) to cut slits into the face continuing from the 1' 4" sides. 

3. Using utility knife (T2) and cutting mat (T1) cut off the arm above these two sides to allow room for the head, but leave enough cardboard to hold up the costume.

Step 3: Part 2: Arm

1. Cut the cardboard (S2) with cutting mat (T1) and utility knife (T2) and into a horizontal shape with the dimensions 1' by 1' 4".

2. Cut slits 1 1/2" from each side on the 1' side with cutting mat (T1) and utility knife (T2).

Step 4: Assembling the Final Costume

1. Attach one star face (P1) to the arm piece (P2) at the slits.

2. Attach the other star face (P1) to the arm piece (P2) at the slit.

3. The star face with the head partially cut off is the front, and the other side is the back.

4. Optional: painting the costume may prevent the cardboard from warping.