Cardboard Statue of Liberty Bust Using 123D Make




Introduction: Cardboard Statue of Liberty Bust Using 123D Make

About: I am currently working in the Office of the CTO at Autodesk in San Francisco experimenting with new technologies as they relate to digital design

In this Instructable, I'll step through how to make a 7' tall statue of liberty bust out of cardboard using Autodesk's 123D Make. The inspiration for this project was the last scene from *SPOILER ALERT*  Planet of the Apes.

Software used:
Autodesk 123D Make:
Autodesk 3ds Max (alternately you can use a free software like meshmixer)

p.s. I built it at TechShop!

Step 1: Secure a 3D Model

You can find 3D models online on various websites like

You can also 3D scan a souvenir statue. 

Step 2: Prepare Model in 3DS Max

Import the 3D model into Autodesk 3DS Max.

Use the slice tool to remove the bottom of the statue. You can angle the slice plane to get the leaning effect as seen in the movie.

Use the boolean tool to add tubes throughout the model. These tubes will serve as channels to add PVC support rods. They will also add additional alignment points during assembly.

Export the model as a .stl file.

Step 3: Process With 123D Make

Import your .stl file into 123D Make.

Choose the "stack method".

Change the manufacture settings to match the size of your laser bed and the thickness of your material.

Adjust the scale of your model to the desired size. (*note* the size of your support holes will also scale, so be sure to adjust them accordingly in the original model)

Rotate the slice plane a little bit. This will help bring out more of the fine details.

Step 4: Cut the Material

Export the laser cut plans as a .pdf or .eps.

Import the plans into your laser cutter interface (like adobe illustrator or corelDRAW).

Start cutting!

Step 5: Assemble

Organize all of your pieces by their assembly number.

Start assembling using the provided alignment marks, as well as the support rod holes you created.

It's best to assemble in a few large sections, then assemble those sections at the end.

Step 6: Admire Your Hard Work


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    5 years ago

    This is fantastic. We just started playing around with slice cutting on the scroll saw using 123D Make. It is a ton of fun, but this is just ridiculous. Thanks for making me set goals and stuff. Haha


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    i think is from the movie "Planet of the Apes"


    8 years ago on Introduction

    amazing is not really appropriate for this cos its more than amazing!


    8 years ago on Step 4

    Can you upload the .pdf file please.

    Very good job.
    It's amazing the work they can do, with some important tools at hand.

    Daniel Domingos


    9 years ago on Introduction

    did your machine cut the cardboar? if you dont have that machine there is no way right?

    man from mars

    WOW... That is one of the greatest makes I've ever seen
    Did you seal it with anything to minimize dust etc?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, how many sheets of virgin cardboard does that take in production? It's gotta weigh a few pounds when finished.

    Evan Atherton
    Evan Atherton

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    It took around 380 sheets of 36" x 24" carboard and ended up being ~1300 pieces