Introduction: Cardboard Stool

Have you ever moved somewhere and had a ton of boxes, but less furniture than you would like? 
Well, the answer is obvious. Cardboard furniture. 

This particular piece was a tedious nightmare. I am not a very clever man, and after finishing it I realized I probably should have used a pattern. But oh-well, here it is! 

Step 1: Materials!

First thing's first, the materials you will need: 
A box cutter
Cardboard (I used one good sized box for most of it) 
A ruler 
A marker (or pen) 
And something to chew or suck on, it's not required, but it's a nice touch. 

Step 2: First Step: Cutting the Cardboard

Then you cut your cardboard. Just cut it into strips. I cut my box into six 26x8" strips, and then halved them into 12 13x8" strips.
Then you simply notch slots into the sheets (they should end in the middle of the piece) to insert the cross sections pieces. This is where a pattern would come in hand. However, again, I am not a clever man, and I did each one-by-one without a pattern.

Don't do what I did. Be a clever man. Make a pattern.  

The cross section pieces are the other six cardboard sheets. Notch these as well in the middle. This way, when you assemble the pieces fit nicely together. 

Step 3: Assembling

Put the pieces together. Insert the cross sections. Should look like this. Or better if you use a pattern. 

Step 4: Leg

Okay not you can sit on this. 
But I made a leg so it would be a little taller. 
This leg is compromised of six 11x4" cardboard pieces with five reinforcing pieces of 12x2". 

In this picture there is only one reinforcing piece at the top, however, I would recommend using three. 

Step 5: Fin

And then stack them. Enjoy. It's a stool.