Introduction: Cardboard Stool From Backyard Stuff

Hello everyone i am UTKARSH

few days back i was looking for a compact stool which i can use for the guests coming on regular basis and in a mean while i can keep it in a compact place, but i was unable to find such type of stool. so i decided to make a cardboard stool which would be very less expensive and attractive. THINGS REQUIRED

1) Cardboard sheet from television box or refrigerator box




5) scale

Step 1: Cutting the Sheets With the Measured Value on the Sheet

Take the cardboard sheet and cut it in a way that the curves inside the cardboard remains vertical for the portion on which we have to sit as it will act as a pillar to support the weight.

cut the cardboard with the paper cutter or cardboard cutter very lightly as it will give the cardboard a better finish and clearance. the alternate or not continuous line shows the portion which has to be curved so that we have to put some pressure on the particular line so that the cardboard can be set on a particular angle according to our needs. it is very important to press the ply in the cardboard on the given area as it will provide a better finish to the finished product. for combining all parts of the stool. we have made the locking parts which you can see in the diagram.( the U shape part)

Step 2: Covering the Stool With Vinyl

when we are done with the cutting part than the time comes to decorate it.

so i have used the white vinyl sheet to cover the whole stool and i have left the portion which will remain inside the stool. when you are covering the stool with vinyl it means you are giving your stool a better finish, so keep in mind to do it really well. i have spend around 3 hours to cover the stool really well and keeping in mind that the air bubble should not come.

Step 3: Arranging All the Parts

according to the drawing now we will assemble all the 4 parts on its place

i have used 3 inside base to give the stool extra support, while assembling make the inner part stand able with the help of your friend so that the inner portion will get support, than follow the steps according to the drawing and than you will end up with the finished product.

Step 4: FInal Pictures

here is our final stool ready to take on load upto 120Kgs

have fun build your own cardboard stool and have fun. THANK YOU

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