Introduction: Cardboard Table W/ Drawers

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Hello everybody! This project is for the Cardboard 2016 Contest. Please enjoy! WARNING! This project uses sharp objects! Use caution!

Step 1: Materials

You will need: x1 Box cutter x1 Packing Tape x1 King Size DreamSerenity Mattress Topper Box x2 Scoop Away Kitty Litter Box Various pieces of cardboard

Step 2: Cutting

Completely open the box and cut off all top flaps (except for the one that is used to close the box). Keep the one that was opposite the one you did not cut, the rest you do not need. Next, place the kitty litter box, so that the handle is facing towards you, on the short side of the box. Trace the box with a marker, do this for both sides. Now, cut on the outside of the line. Test to make sure the box fits correctly. Now, cut the top off of the kitty litter box.

Step 3: Fixing the Drawers

Take a piece of cardboard like in picture four, and cut it into four pieces, like a cross. Tape one to each side of the front of the drawer, as in picture one. This will keep the drawer from pushing in too far. Do this for each drawer. Cut out pieces of cardboard like in picture two, and tape them on the inside of the back of the drawer. This will keep the drawer from pulling out too far. Do this for each drawer.

Step 4: Foundation

Cut two long pieces of cardboard (about two inches longer than the short length of the main box). Cut a slit on one side of the box, slide the cardboard through, cut another slit on the other side, and slide it through so that it rests with a bit sticking out each slit. Do this for each cardboard piece, on opposite sides. Tape these so they won't move. Now tape the flaps for the handles, so they don't move, as in picture one.

Step 5: Place in the Table

Set the flap that you saved earlier in the box.

Step 6: You Are Done!

Tada! You've finished your table with drawers. Whatever you do, DO NOT PUT CLOTHES IN THE DRAWERS!!!! Thanks for reading!

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