Introduction: Cardboard Tubes Necklace Hanger

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Let´s make a necklace hanger with some trash. You will need:

- Cardboard tubes (from aluminum or plastic foils, for instance).
- Old CDs / DVDs (I used six).
- Screws.
- Glue.
- A cork plug.

- Something round to cover the tubes ends (optional, I used the filters which are inside coffee capsules).

- Painting.

- Some EVA foam.

You will also need a drill , screwdriver, and a saw.

Step 1: Create the Base

Take the CDs or DVDs and glue them in order to create a tiny cilinder. This cilinder must have enogh weight to hold the hanger.

Once the CDs are glued, take the drill and make a hole in the center of them. - Wait... they have a hole yet! - Ok, but the hole must fit the cardboard tube, so you have to make a bigger one. Choose the right measure and do it.

Now glue and fit a cardboard tube in the hole of the CDs. Now you have the base and the tower indeed.

Step 2: The Rotating Cross

Cut a 20 cm section of tube and make a hole in the center, so you can introduce a piece of cardboard and, inside it, the cork plug.

Cut two 10 cm sections of cardboard tubes and adapt them to the former tube way you create a cross. Glue them.

Now take the 8 screws and, with the help of a screwdriver, place them the way you can see in the pictures.

Step 3: Load Test

Put the cross inside the tower. Now you have a rotating cross where you can hang your necklaces... or not? Let´s make a load test for this artifact: Hang 8 necklaces and check that it turns properly. Does it work? - Great! - It´s time to decorate it.

Step 4: Decorate and Finish It

Paint it the way and colors you want. No much more to say about it but you can inspire in mine.

Optionally you can cover the tubes ends with something round. Glue the coffee filters (if it´s your case) at the ends.

Finally trim and glue some EVA foam in the bottom of the base in order to get more grip with the surface it stards on.

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