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Introduction: Cardboard Ukulele

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Making a craft can be fun for everyone! This ukulele is a great craft for anyone to make weather it be for just a decoration or a fun musical instrument. This craft is designed for all ages 5+ for there are many small pieces and scissors are included in the project.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Here is a list of Materials you'll need:
1) Cardboard!
2) Scissors
3) Yarn
4) Push Pins/ Tacks
5) Paint (optional)
6) Glue
7) Marker (optional)
8) Ruler
9) Ukulele for Size Reference

10) Paint Sealant (optional)

Step 2: Trace and Cut

Use the ukulele to trace the body on the cardboard. Once you have traced it, cut it out.

Step 3: Duplicate

Use your traced and cut shape from the previous step to make another one. Be sure they are exactly the same size! Once you've made two identical ukulele body shapes, cut a circle in the top half in the middle of ONLY ONE shape. This will give your ukulele an echo effect when you play it.

Step 4: Make the Rim

Cut out a long strip of cardboard with a width of 2&1/2 inches. The length will vary due to the outer edge of the ukulele being different sizes. Start glue and taping the strip of cardboard along the entire outer edge of the body of the ukulele. At the top of the ukulele, leave an opening so you can slide in the neck. Use lots of glue! The more the better! Don't use too much though because the cardboard may soak it in. Once you have done the rim, place the other body side on the rim (with glue already on it) and tape it down as well. Let dry overnight and check it in the morning. DO NOT continue through the steps until it is COMPLETELY dry!

Step 5: Overview So Far!

At this step, it should be the moment where your project is completely dry, 100%. Now, you should have a ukulele body with a hole at the top to continue on to the next step. Remember, do not continue on to the step until it is completely dry.

Step 6: Make the Neck

Take another piece of cardboard with a length of 9 inches. Fold the width of the cardboard so that you have sections of 2 2inch sides and 2 1.25inch sides. Tape and glue it shut, and slide it into the opening of the body of the ukulele, and glue again in place. Let it dry for a few hours, and continue on to the next step.

Step 7: Make the Head

Take more cardboard and create a box with one open end with the dimensions of 3X1.75X2.25 inches. Slide this box onto the neck of the ukulele. Glue in place and wait a few more hours for it to dry again.

Step 8: Make the Tuning Pegs

Use push pins or tacks and push them into the cardboard head piece. 4 tacks will do the trick. Place two towards the top, and two below that. The picture shows what your ukulele should be looking like right now.

Step 9: Painting! (optional)

Paint you ukulele to your commands! Feel free and paint it in any way you want! Add designs, stickers, and many random colors to make your ukulele pop! End with a paint sealant which is totally optional, but will give a shine to your ukulele.

Step 10: Stringing Your Ukulele

About an inch and a half below the hole in the front of your ukulele, place a line of glue. Then, place four stings perpendicular to the glue and make sure they are separate from one another. Wait for the glue and strings to dry to the ukulele completely before you put the bridge on top. DONT pull the strings to the tacks quite yet for it will make unstable tuning sounds when your completely done.

Step 11: Final Touches to Complete the Ukulele

Once your strings are completely dried to the ukulele, place a flat piece of cardboard that is 2.75inches by 0.5inches and add lots more glue. Yes the glue will show in the end, but the more glue you use, the better focused sound you will get out of the ukulele. Wait for it to dry again and pull the strings tightly to the tacks at the head of the ukulele. Wrap the strings around the tacks very tightly! Once everything is completely dry, your ukulele is a success!

Step 12: Have Fun!!!

Enjoy your cardboard ukulele and play your heart away!

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