Introduction: Mobile (Cardboard Too) VR Unity Assets

Our local makerspace theMakerStation recently participated in an Instructables build night for the DODOcase Smartphone Virtual Reality Viewer. I noticed there wasn't a whole lot of content out there compared to what I was expecting in a typically saturated market, so I thought I'd let everyone know how easy it is to do!

In this instructable, we will download and install the Durovis Dive Unity Package in order to easily jump into making VR games! This is the best option I have come across for quickly, cheaply, and easily making mobile VR games that work.

Step 1: You'll Need Unity of Course!

Unity is a free game engine that is very beginner friendly, you can use unity without knowing that much about programming and this plugin will handle most of the VR things for you. It would probably be best to already know how to use unity for this Instructable, but there are plenty of tutorials out there to get you started. For those who don't already have unity or have an older version it is available for download HERE

Step 2: Download the Package

The friendly folks at Durovis have published both an asset package and an example project to help you get started making awesome VR content! You can go HERE to view more of their VR content for developers or to download the package. The links above will do just fine as well.

Step 3: Set Up the Project

You can either open a project you want to use VR in, open the example, or start a new project in Unity. The example comes with the assets imported, but for your own projects, you'll need to import the assets by double clicking the package file in explorer/finder (depending on your OS) and then follow the prompt that will open in Unity.

Step 4: Use the Assets

In order to set up a very basic first person VR controller that will track your head's movement, you'll need to modify a default First Person Controller, which can be imported by clicking (Assets>Import Package>Character Controller). I have included images that show the inspector view for both the parent and child objects for the character controller. You will need to delete the camera that is included on the First Person Controller. The "Graphics" object was removed in the example project, it shouldn't interfere as far as I know, but I'd delete that too if you don't know what you're doing. From the Dive assets, I used the "Dive_Camera" prefab as a child of the first person controller and replaced all of the scripts on the controller with the "DiveFPSController" script.

Step 5: Create and Build for Your Desired Platform!