Introduction: Cardboard Welder Mask

Today we will make virtual glasses for the welder, which are able to replace any welding mask. The trick is that you can do it in a few minutes.

Step 1: We Will Need a Piece of Cardboard, I Will Make Two Versions of the Mask.

Step 2: Cut the First Element.

Step 3: Then a Little More.

Step 4: I Will Glue With Hot Melt.

Step 5: We Get Here Such a Blank at This Stage.

Step 6: I Didn’t Guess a Little With the Height of the Holes for the Eyes, So I Added a Few Pieces of Cardboard to Pick Up the Phone.

Step 7: Cut Out the Plug, Make a Hole for the Camera.

Step 8: From the Old Mask I Took the Gum and Sewed It to the Cardboard.

Step 9: Painted for Aesthetics.

Step 10: We Turn on the Camera on the Phone and Set It to the Mask.

Step 11: Here's a Virtual Welder Mask!

Step 12: Well, If You Forget That This Material Is Published on FIRST APRIL! 😂😂😂 ОThis Can Make the Option Simpler, a Regular Piece of Cardboard, a Hole for the Camera and Fix the Phone to Tape.

Step 13: the Camera Will Protect Against Radiation From the Welding Arc, As a Temporary Way Out of the Situation Is Very Suitable.

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Step 14: Video Version

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