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Youtube rewards every youtuber with Play button like Silver for 100K Subs, Gold for 500K and At last The Ultimate DIAMOND!!!!

But for me they are dreams which can be achieved by the help of all....

So as I reach the 50 Subs(A kick Start) I Made my own Play button to reward me myself :)


And I want to share it with u Guys..

Step 1: Video Tutorial

Heres The Video tutorial Of it....

Step 2: Materials Required







Step 3: Cutting

Make two Rectangles which are curved at the corners Like in the pic..

And in one rectangle make a small triangle, so its similar to the you tube play button.

Now cut it with a blade or scissors.

Make Sure its Cleanly cut out

Step 4: Stick IT!!!

Add glue to the rectangle and stick the cardboard in a way that the cardboard with triangle comes at top....

Step 5:

Now write about your achievement....U can also print out one, But as this is a DiY I made it with my own scripts..

i drawn a you tube logo, then wrote down these


On surpassing

50 SUBS....

Step 6:

Add frames which were cut from the cardboard make it like a long strip..And pase it

Step 7: Finishing..

Add the Final play button to the centre u r Ready to Go......

Step 8: Tadaa!!!!

This Is how it looks On my Desk...I added a stand to it by pasting a small piece of Cardboard...

Hopes U like it....

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