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Introduction: Cardboard Earrings

About: Artist-designer, Aline upcycles cardboard and turns it into unique furniture, home décor and visual displays, inspiring people to create more sustainable art.

So unique and elegant, these earrings have been successful on my website and a lot of people asked me how to make some by themselves!

I made them with colored paper and cardboard.

Enjoy the video!

Step 1: Materials

2 strips of colored paper (10” long). I use craft quilling paper 3/8-inch.

2 strips of corrugated cardboard 3/8- inch x 10”


2 hypo-allergenic fish hooks earrings

2 jump rings 6 mm

Craft pliers tool

Quilling tool

Step 2: Make 2 Rolls With the Quilling Paper

Trap one strip of paper in the quilling tool and wrap it in twisting gently.

Put a pinch of glue every 2 or 3 twists.

Step 3: Set Up the Corrugated Strips

Pinch a strip of corrugated paper with a plier then wrap it on itself quickly, just to make it more easy to handle/ workable.

Step 4: Roll...

Put a pinch of glue on one corrugated strip then glue one rolled paper.

Step 5: Roll Again...

Wrap it around the paper in putting a little bit of glue every half twist.

Maintain a few seconds at the end

Step 6: Add the Fish Hooks Earrings

Open a ring with a plier and insert it in one corrugation.
Add the fish hook and close the ring.

Do the same thing for the other earrings!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    What a great idea - never seen them done this way! I like the box you made for them as well :)