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Introduction: Cardboard Fort

This is a fort that is made out of cardboard. I got this idea by deciding I wanted to make a fort, but I also wanted to make a castle, so here is the result: a sturdy, well made, cardboard fort.

Step 1: The Materials

You will need a lot of cardboard, so be sure to save some from moving or from large packaging. You will need:
1. 2 cardboard boxes (for the sides and the towers)
2. 1 or 2 thinner boxes (for the accesories like the spikes, arched walls, and the round tops)
3. A thing to cut the boxes with like a knife of scissors*
4. Lots of tape or glue

*be very careful with the cutting item. I would recommend wearing gloves for this.

Step 2: Cutting the Cardboard

For the first step, cut the first thicker cardboard box into its four sides. Put them to the side. These are the sides of the fort.
The next step is trickier, but not by that much. Get the next box and cut out one side. Cut the side in half. Each half needs to be rolled up and taped. this is the beginning of the back towers.
The third step involves cutting out two sides. Draw out fourths and cut out three-fourths. remember, cut into three-fourths, not into fourths. Fold them into eight sections and tape it up. These are the main towers.

Step 3: Cutting the Cardboard, Part Two

For the spikes, cut out 2 strips of cardboard 70 cm. long and 5-6 centimeters wide. Don't cut a 1 centimeter wide strip at the bottom. Draw triangles on the top and Cut out the extras. Then do the same thing one more time except make it 90 cm. in length and don't roll it up.
To make the posts, cut out the design on the fourth image. The little squares at the top and bottom are 2 cm. either way and the 4 long strips, side by side, are 2x50 cm. Fold as the picture shows. The last step is to tape the remaining end to the connection made by the other three.
Making the arches: cut out a piece of cardboard 16x51 cm. Draw and Cut out triangles in it and tape the ends together.
Also, you need to trace the tops of the towers, main and back, onto the cardboard.  Cut the tracings out. Do the same for the arches for the main tower.
Finally, cut out a circle __ in diameter and then a section of it, so it looks like pac-man. then tape one side of the mouth a little past the other side of the mouth, so you get a cone shape. Do this four times. 

Step 4: Assembling It

To assemble it, follow the images below. (note: the separate triangles were there before I realized that taping them individually made them flop down a lot. Also note that you could cut a slit near the end of a side, feed the tape through it, and wrap the tape around the connecting tower. This will make it stronger.)

Step 5: Painting

This covers up all the designs, taping, and marking you have made while in the process of making it. I would suggest a reddish-brown color to represent brick, or you could do it in gray, for cement, or whatever color(s) you choose. I chose white and yellow because those were the only two colors that I had. I would also suggest adding designs to make it look better. I let my younger sisters paint it so it might have a few bare spots here and there.

Step 6: Finished!

Now enjoy the fruits of your labor the next time you have a pillow fight.

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