Introduction: Cardboard Ice Dragon Craft

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I was searching this website for some awesome crafts the other day.   I stumbled across a cardboard dragon craft made by Creativeman (if you want to see some of his awesome work) and decided to make it myself but with a different twist.  In some of the games I play the different dragons have elements, so I decided to give my cardboard dragon an element as well.  I hope you enjoy my version of this awesome craft!

Step 1: Cutting the Cardboard

1 Gather cardboard boxes, sheets, pizza rounds anything you don't need anymore and is cardboard.

2  Make a template to use so you have something to go by when you are cutting out your dragon's base for his head.

3  Transfer template to cardboard and cut your pieces out.

Step 2: Assembling the Pieces

1  Take the snout and forehead pieces , curve and round them out with the handle of your scissors. 

2  Glue or masking tape them together with the forehead being above the snout.  The snout and forehead assembly should be secured on the head circle with the forehead hanging over the top edge of the head circle and the snout hanging 1/3 the way over the bottom edge.

3  If you glued the pieces then let dry if you masking taped them then go on to main step 3.

Step 3: Painting the Base Coat.

Time to put a base coat on.

I used cyan and dark blue acrylics, swirled them so when I dipped my brush in the color and dabbed it on my dragon it would have a nice mottled appearance.

1 Paint the piece thoroughly dont let any cardboard show through.

2 Set aside to let dry.

(You may want to cut out custom eye ridges and paint them too so you will have them later when you are ready to use them.)

Step 4: Scale Details

I used silver and dark blue acrylic to pain the scales.  I dabbed my brush in a bit of dark blue then silver for a better look.

1  Dab paint randomly all over the the cardboard dragon leaving some space so you can see the base coat.

2 Do the same to the eye ridges.

3 Let dry.

Step 5: Cut Pieces Out of Paper

Draw a template for fins, a crest, and the eye pieces.  Also anything else you want to add to your dragon. 

1 Cut the fins and crest out of your choice of construction paper or cardstock.  (I used blue for the crest and sky blue for the fins.)

2  Accordion fold the fins and crest as shown (see illustrations)

3 Glue the fins on the side of the face and the crest just behind the forehead.

4 Cut out the eye pieces. Each one smaller than the next to make the eye.  Be sure to make two of each unless you are making a cyclops dragon.

5 Assemble the eyes and glue where you see fit.

6 Make any other custom things (ice breath, swirly spikes, etc. ) and glue them to the dragon as well.

7 Let the entire thing dry. 

Step 6: Finished Product.

Da-da-dah-dum!  It is finished after it drys and now you can do whatever displaying you want with it.