Introduction: Killer Whale, Killer Costume

Finding a economical and ecological costume for Haloween in today's time is slim to none. So in my school our teacher decided to ask us to make cardboard costumes for an average sized middle schooler. Our challenge was to only use cardboard. No adhesives and no other materials.

Design Brief
A costume can be cheap and eviromentally friendly without being a hassle Design and create a flat pack killer whale costume that is easy to store and easy to put together.

• The costume must be wearable as a Halloween costume
• The costume must be wearable by a middle school student
•  The costume must be flat pack

• No adhesives
• Only out of cardboard
• Only slotted construction
• Must be flat pack

Material list
• (S1) Two 3 feet by 2 feet pieces of cardboard for the body
• (S2)Two 1 foot by 6 inches pieces of cardboard for the sides/ support
• (S3)One 1 foot by 1 foot piece of cardboard for the tail
• (T1) Cutting mat to protect the floor
• (T2) Utility knife to cut the cardboard
• (T3) Ruler to measure the materials
• (T4) Pencil to sketch lines
• (T5) Compass to make curved sides

Parts List
(P1) Body, Qty 2
(P2) Sides, Qty 2
(P3) Tail, Qty 1

Note: If you would like to paint it remember that cardboard warps. To fix this simply paint the other side

Warning: may not come out the way you hope it to due to limitations and difficulties.

Step 1: Step One: Measuring Objects

Every great accomplishment starts at step one. Step one in this instructable is to gather all the material. You need tools and materials. You need a cutting mat(T1), utility knife(T2), ruler(T3), pencil(T4), and a compass (T5) as your tools. For this step you only need a pencil, ruler, and the materials. Measure out two 3 feet by 2 feet square. Then measure two 1 foot by 6 inches. and finally one 1 foot by 1 foot.

Step 2: Step Two: Body

1. Take the two 3 by 2 and edge them to make them more circular on one side.
2. Cut one 5 inch cut near the back as slot on each
3. Cut a second slot on the opposite side to make the top slot
4. Cut a 4 inch diameter hole in each piece near the curved side to make the arm holes

Step 3: Step Three: Sides

1. Take the two sides(P2)
2. Cut a 4 inch deep cut on each upper side with the utility knife (T2)
3. Repeat for second
4. Cut a 4 inch wide cut into one side (P2)

Step 4: Step Four: Tail

1. Cut a 1 foot square
2. Cut around the square to make a whale's tail

Step 5: Parts List

(P1) Body, Qty 2

(P2) Sides, Qty 2

(P3) Tail, Qty 1

Step 6: Step Five: Construction; Final Step

1.attach the sides(P2) to the slots in the body (P1).
2. Insert tail (P3) to back of one side (P2)