Cardboard-only Phone Holder

Introduction: Cardboard-only Phone Holder

Almost everyone has some cardboard laying around the house, that is why I decided to make this instructables with cardboard and house tools only!
Due to the size it's ideal for video calling, display time, watching videos or just displaying your phone. Endless possibilities!

Add some glue for extra durability, add some paint to make it look nicer. And you just made yourself an amazing phone holder, have fun and good luck!

Step 1: Things You Will Need


super glue (optional)

Step 2: Cut the Cardboard

For this instructables project I used 5 pieces of cardboard. I decided to only use cardboard and some household tools so everyone could make this at home!

Step one:
Gather a piece of cardboard (around 10x8 cm, depending on your phone size)
Cut the cardboard to a size that is around 3/4th the height and 9/10th the width of your phone. You could do this with the help of a marker if you prefer (refer to picture)

Step two:
Cut a piece of cardboard that is around 4 times larger than the thickness of your phone, make it a bit wider than your phone and cut the sides a little bit. (refer to picture)

Step three:
Cut a little strip to the piece of cardboard you made in step two (refer to picture)

Step four:

Cut a piece hole in the cardboard that you cut in step one, make the hole as big as wide as you can but leave about 10mm on both sides and make sure it will fit the strip you made in step three. (refer to picture)

Step five:

Cut a piece of cardboard that is the same size as the one you made in step two, you could make it a little less higher if you prefer(refer to picture)

Step six:

Cut a hole in the piece of cardboard you made in step two, and cut a stripe in the piece you made in step five. make sure the stripe and the hole fits well. (refer to picture)

Step seven:

Cut a piece of cardboard that isn't very wide (about 1-3 cm) and make it about as long as the piece of cardboard you made in step one. (refer to picture)

Step eight:

check if the size of the piece you made in step seven is good enough, and make a hole that fits the piece. (refer to picture.

Step nine:

Cut another piece that's long enough to connect the piece of cardboard from step seven and step one.
Make another hole in the piece you made in step one that fits the piece we made in this step. Also make another hole in the piece of cardboard you made in step 7. make sure the connections are strong enough!. (refer to pictures!)

Step 3: Add the Pieces Together.

In this step we are gonna add all the pieces together, if they don't connect properly you can cut of a little piece of the cardboard so it will fit.

If everything fits well you can add some drops of superglue to the connections so the phone holder will be a little stronger and more durable.

See the pictures for my results!

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    6 years ago

    Very creative again!