Introduction: Care Bear Coat

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The Care Bear Coat is the coat that hugs you back!  You just can't be blue when you've got a passel of Care Bears swarming you.  Plus I can truly show I Care-a-lot while Battling the Freeze Machine.

Back when I made the Baby Care Bear Costume, I also began collecting smaller Care Bears to one day assemble into a jacket.  It took four lots from eBay and two different understructures to pull together (Care Bears are deceptively heavy when gathered en masse!), but I was finally able to realize my dream and present to you, dear audience, the Care Bear Coat. 

The coat uses 45 Care Bears (from 6"-8" in size), and easily weighs 12 pounds.  I made a stuffed rainbow collar to finish the look and planted a few plush clouds along the collar to add a little extra cuteness (which it was clearly lacking, right?)  I pinned the Care Bears to the coat and sewed them in place from the inside.  

So, ok, you might ask "why?"  "Why, Scooch, why."  The only answer I have is because I had to.  I just did.  And I've learned by now that when the creative voices start speaking, it's best to just listen to them and get out of their way.  

Besides, it's200th Instructable.  I can do what I want! 

Where will I wear it?   No idea.  Somewhere, some day when I feel like I need to receive a lot of hugs from strangers and children.  Did I mention two of the bears talk? 

And if nothing else, I bet it would be a big hit at Burning Man!

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