Introduction: Cargo Dropping Device Using Physics for The:(DJI Mavic Mini) "Design Contest Connectors !"

This is a clip designed to hold and drop Cargo from a DJI Mavic Mini. It works with basic physics and can be dropped relatively accurately depending on your aim, It works by flying forwards and Backwards in a quick motion causing the attachment to slide off the wire.

This was a relatively hard design to make for I had to measure the exact distance and height of the underside of the drone, another challenge was to make sure it doesn't hurt the drone when removing or adding the Clip.

Please note you will need to bend some sort of wire with pliers because a 3D design won't work well instead, the wire must be strong and bendable so you can shape it into the way you require. And glue it onto the clip using 'Hot Glue' or 'Super Glue'

Step 1: Perfect Design Measurements!

Design this clip with precise measurements to fit your drone perfectly to match your needs!

Step 2: Shape !

Add the shape you want and design accordingly, ( make sure it doesn't interfere with any sensors or blocks any important holes ).

Step 3: Length !

Add the length you want to drop from! ( The Longer, the less weight capacity )

Step 4: Additions...

Add any additional items you require. e.g. Words, Shape, grooves.

Grooves make it easier to place the hook in the right position and angle.

Step 5: Copy and Paste!

Export and import the design to reevaluate the design to make sure no mistakes were made!

Step 6: Printing...

When done export the design and 3D print the design with a PLA printer.

Step 7: Finishing!!!

After its done printing, Bend a Fishing hook without the Hook into the shape you require. Use a Glue Gun to attach to your Mechanism...

Step 8:

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