Introduction: Cargo Rack Platform

I wanted classy looking wooden platforms for my bicycle's classy looking Velo Orange cargo racks. If your racks have a similar build to the VO racks, this plan will probably work.


1.5" wide maple strapping
Stainless steel machine screws, washers, and lock nuts.
Aluminum door panel clips
Contact cement
Used inner tube
Wood finish stain & oil


Tape measure
Carpentry square
Hand drill and bits
Electric sander
Screw driver
Wrench or pliers
Rags or brushes
Steel woo l/ sand paper

Step 1: Measure Twice, Cut Once.

Measure the platform portion of your rack, and cut the 1.5" maple boards to length.

Step 2: Drill Mounting Holes and Contour Wood.

My rack has two cross bars that I used to attach the mounting hardware. This was handy, because the business end of the mount is kept out of site.

Measure the distance between the rack's cross bars, & their position between the ends of the rack. Accounting for the width of the mounting screws, use a pencil and carpenter square, center marks for the mounting holes.

Double check the measurements and drill holes for the mounting screws. It is important to use the correct sized bit for the screws being used.

Install the screws and place the boards on the rack to check the fit. If your rack has curved corners, you can trace this contour to the wood and use a sander to shape the corners of the wood.

Step 3: Stopping the Rattle

The step is optional, but without it the wood may rattle against the the rack.

Cut strips from an old mountain bike inner tube and clean it with rubbing alcohol and a rag. Use sand paper to rough up one side. Apply contact cement according to the directions and glue the inner tube to the underside of the wood, clamp and let dry. After the glue has completely dried, cut off off the excess rubber and clean up any glue drips. Run the drill bit through the mounting holes to pierce the rubber.

Step 4: Customize and Finish the Wood

I distressed the wood with a hammer and lose nuts and bolts. Unnecessary but I like the look. Apply stain and oil according to instructions.

Step 5: Installation!!!

Use the machine screws, lock nuts, washers and aluminum door panel clips to clamp the wooden slats to the rack. Adjust and readjust to your hearts content.

Step 6: Stop Reading Instructable and Go Ride Your Bike!!!

Hop on your bike and go find a friend to show off your cool new stuff!!!